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November 11 - 9am

Tomball Egg & I

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Project Prom Committee Contact:

Lori Cross

Summer Schiel

Project Prom 2018

May 5-6, 2018       Tomball High School

Be a super star and earn project prom points for your senior all at the same time.  In the words of Uncle Sam, WE NEED YOU!! :)  Would you be willing to donate an approximate hour of your time to make project prom great?  Project prom prizes encompass a HUGE amount of the over all budget for the event.  We need donations, donations, donations!  This can be an overwhelming task to say the least.  We need help.  We have broken down Tomball business' into small clusters (according to location) in hopes of getting the task done without over working anyone.  The clusters are groups of 4, 5 or 6 business' that are within the same or nearby shopping center, to keep the time commitment minimal.  Please consider signing up for one or more of the clusters, so we can tackle this task.  An email will be going out soon with a donation letter attached.  If you decide to take on a cluster, you'd simply choose the cluster of your choice, download and print the donation form, and take it to the merchants on your list.  We will accept any donation they are willing to give (beggers can't be choosers :)).    Keep in mind that some of the larger chain merchants may require corporate involvement that will take additional time, so the sooner the letters go out the better.  Let's all sign up and make Project Prom GREAT!!!